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About Character Count Tool offers an online character counter tool. It is a free tool which provides words count, number of characters and frequency of characters. It has simple and friendly user interface; if you have basic understanding of computer and internet, you can use this tool. You just need to copy and paste your text in the given text box and press the Enter key. The required information will appear on the top of the text box. This tool also allows you to directly type your text in the text box and save your document as a text file, doc file and to take print of the document.


Today, we cannot complete most of our important tasks without using computer e.g. if we talk about day to day writing, earlier we used to write in diaries, note books and letter pads but today we prefer to write in MS word using a computer. For the important writer-ups we need to have some basic details of our document such as word count, character count and frequency of a specific character.

It is not easy for anyone to have these details just by reading the document as it will be a time-consuming task with a lot of mistakes. Only using some tools you can have the correct details. The’s character counter tool is one such tool which is designed by the experts of JavaTpoint. It provides all basic information related to your document such as word count, character count and frequency of a character, etc.


  • The students in schools or colleges who are required to write English assignments with specific word limit, word frequency and frequency of characters can use our tool.
  • SEO content writers who are required to strictly follow some guidelines like word limit, keyword density, and frequency of characters can use our tool. E.g. an SEO writer who wants to write an article of 500 words using some specific keyword and maintaining a specific frequency of specific characters can use our tool. It would not be easy for him to check word count, keyword density and frequency of a character manually. Our tool will make his task easy.
  • Some social sites like twitter require you to post comment within certain characters limit. For these sites, you can use our character counter tool.